Matoshri Academy, Eklahare, Nashik

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Annual Sports Week

  • When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically. Sport Develops a sence of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness.
  • The best way to become a physically fit is to be active in sports and games. So our Matoshri Academy School celebrated its annual sports week-26th December 31 st December 2019 on the sprawling grounds of the school. It was a day filled with exhilaration, amidst thrills and cheers. The Principal Mr. Sonar Sir emphasis on the importance of sports in student’s life in his welcome speech.
  • School organized Annual Sports Week for classes Nursery to Tenth. Approximately all students participated in the customized and fun-filled tracked field events. The sports day was inaugurated by releasing balloons.
  • The most intriguing aspect of the event was the splendid field drills, involving mass student’s participation they spread on the field, riot of hues vibrance and radiance.