Matoshri Academy, Eklahare, Nashik

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To instill the value of learning in each student and prepare that to be future leaders of society.


We are Commited to preparing all students for learning Success every day in a caring and safe environment.


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we promised you that, we always try to take care of your childdren.Early child care is a very important and often overlooked component of child development


Early child education is an extremly important step in a child`s learning career . Matoshri Academy recognizes the importance of nursery school in preparing children for their schooling Cognitively , Socially , Emotionally .

Junior KG

Our Jr. KG program is designed to inculcate the basic language, Congnitive,Social, Emotional, Creative Developments.The curriculum and Activities in all the above area are designed specially studying the age criteria of the child by our reserch team and also observing their grasping powers and behaviors towards different activities.

Senior KG

Integrated with Fun based learning methodologies. Our pre-school curriculum gives a great mix of activities and games impacting Mind , Body and soul thus building a strong foundation for the little children to learn , grow and imbibe essential life skills .


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UPComing Events

Pre-Primary & Primary Trip
At 8 Feb 2020

place:- Amchi Mati Amchi Manas,Nashik

Annual Gathering
At 16 Feb 2020

Secondary Trip
At 22 Feb 2020

Place:- 1)Ozar Ganpati 2)Shivneri(Pune)

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